FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (2024)

Instant download of a printable potluck sign up sheet to use for any potluck parties. Two different potluck templates to choose from!

If you like to host or plan potluck dinners, then a sign up potluck sheet is a must!

I know a lot of people like to use google sheets or google docs so they can send everyone an email, but there’s just something about still using a pen and paper that appeals to me.

It’s nice to see everything written out on a potluck signup sheet so you can see what you still need and what you have too much of.

The great thing about using a potluck sign-up sheet is that others can see the food items that people are bringing so they know not to double up or what to look forward to!

FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (1)

You can use these along with our Thanksgiving planner and Christmas planners to help keep your holiday parties stress free!

There is no physical product. Digital files are available at the download button at the bottom of the post.

How to Use Potluck Sheet Template

I wanted to give you a few different printable potluck sign up sheets to choose from. So in the PDF file there will be two separate free potluck sheets.

The first one is a very basic sheet template with a long row of columns. Friends, co-workers, or neighbors can write in their names and then what food they are bringing (plus any relevant details they want to add!).

Add in what type of event the potluck is for (Christmas party, birthday party, class parties, or other holiday parties) and then the date the potluck will be held. Stick it on a bulletin board in the break room so everyone can see it and sign up!

FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (2)

Then the second fillable form has different sections for different parts of the meal. If it’s for a party, each person on the guest list can fill in what type of food they want to bring. Under the Name section, you can also have them write down their contact details.

There is a section for appetizers that people can sign up under along with the name of the specific dish they will make or purchase.

Next is a section for side dishes, followed by main courses, and then a dessert and drinks section.

If you don’t need as many food items or already have enough desserts say, simply cross off that part of the list. And if you need a new spot for someone to fill in, print out more!

FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (3)

Once the whole family or guests have signed up, you’ll know if you have enough food. If you are missing menu items that you think are still needed, I think the easiest way to supplement is by asking another person for help or having everyone chip in a few extra dollars to buy a few more food plates.

If there are any severe food allergies at the party, you’ll want to let guests know by writing it on the top of the potluck signups or having people bring the food recipes they used so people that have food sensitivities can know what’s in each dish.

You can pass out these simplerecipe cardsto the guests to fill out before they come to the potluck dinner!

Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet PDF

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As with all our free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

This is a digital file in PDF format only. No physical items will be shipped.

FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (4)

Simply click on the download link below (no email address needed) and the two digital files should automatically download as one PDF file. If you have problems downloading the free templates, you might need to install Adobe Reader (free version here).

Then print out whichever free downloadable PDF version you want on a home printer or work printer onwhite copy paperor cardstock. All sign templates are sized to US letter size 8.5 x 11 inch paper size (learn moreabout paper sizes here).

The printable is in color but printing in black and white is fine too!

Click Here to Download the Potluck Sign Up Sheet

I hope this printable potluck sign up sheet comes in handy at your next event!

Happy hosting!

FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (5)

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FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet for any Occasion! (2024)
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