Every Music Trivia Question & Answer in NBA 2K23 (2024)

Answering the music trivia questions in NBA 2K23 wrong won't penalize players, but getting Marvin's questions right will award free VC and XP, so it's worth trying to answer correctly. Players will unlock Marvin's questions regarding the real-world music industry after completing the "It's a Cole World" mission, and the questions include esoteric, opinionated references like "Who recorded the original and far superior version of Tainted Love" and "Which group of rock royalty insists that they will rock you?"

To begin 2K23's music trivia challenge, players need to go to Erick's Vinyl in Arena One City Plaza, a music store located near the tattoo shop. This is the same location where the mission which unlocks NBA 2K23's Hot Dog hat, "Not Your Father's Hot Dogs," can be found. After reaching the store, go inside and speak to the man behind the cashier's desk.

Looking for a video walkthrough for all of NBA 2K23's music trivia questions and answers? Check out the YouTube guide from XRAE2K below to see Marvin's trivia questions in action!

While it is possible to do a lightning-fast Google search when Marvin's music trivia question in 2K23 appears, the timer for the answer selection can make it difficult for players to figure out the right response in time. For ease, all possible questions are listed below:


NBA 2K23: Music Trivia Answers To Marvin's Questions

Every Music Trivia Question & Answer in NBA 2K23 (1)

The following list of NBA 2K23 music trivia questions and answers comes from Gamepur, who has generously provided the NBA 2K23 community with the correct answers to Marvin's questions. Keep in mind that the number order provided below is for organization and does not reflect the possible set of questions that might come after another.


Question Set

Correct Answers


  1. "Truth Hurts" was a number one smash for which artist?
  2. Which group of rock royalty insists that they will rock you?
  3. In their hit 1992 track, what did Pete Rock and CL Smooth "do over you?"
  1. Lizzo
  2. Queen
  3. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)


  1. Which rapper won the NBA Celebrity Game MVP in 2018?
  2. Kendrick Lamar was featured on which Taylor Swift single?
  3. Which song by Missy Elliott featured the lyric "Ti esrever dna ti pilf?"
  1. Quavo
  2. Bad Blood
  3. Work It


  1. In the popular comedy "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," what was the name of the character in NBA 2K23 played by Will Smith?
  2. Rapper Childish Gambino was a co-star in which television series?
  3. Which Diana Ross classic was sampled on the seminal "Mo Money Mo Problems" by one Notorious B.I.G.?
  1. Will Smith
  2. Community
  3. I'm Coming Out


  1. Lauryn Hill was a part of what group?
  2. Flava Flav attempted to find love on which reality show?
  3. D.O.C. opened up "It's Funky Enough" by asking what question?
  1. Fugees
  2. Flavor of Love
  3. Y'all ready for this?


  1. "You Right" is a collaboration between Doja Cat and?
  2. Who did the Lakers beat in Ice Cube’s "Today was Good Day?"
  3. Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Moe Tucker were known as?
  1. The Weeknd
  2. Sonics
  3. The Velvet Underground


  1. What was it that Warren G and Nate Dogg had to do?
  2. A Tribe Called Quest, De Soul, and the Jungle Brothers were known as what?
  3. What band’s album in NBA 2K23 was named after Madame Butterfly?
  1. Regulate
  2. Native Tongues
  3. Weezer


  1. According to Run DMC, while Peter Piper picked peppers, Run did what?
  2. Which rock band artist had a brother who was also a part of his band?
  3. Kim Gordon provided vocals and bass for which band?
  1. Rocked A Rhyme
  2. Eddie Van Halen
  3. Sonic Youth


  1. In Wu-Tang Clan's '94 hit, what is the title C.R.E.A.M. an acronym for?
  2. "SOS" by Rihanna sampled "Tainted Love" recorded by Soft Cell in 1981. But who recorded the original and far superior version of "Tainted Love?"
  1. Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  2. Gloria Jones
  3. The Mothers of Invention


  1. What was Louis Armstrong’s nickname?
  2. How old was Stevie Wonder when he landed his first Billboard Top 100 hit?
  3. Paul Desmond composed which standard made famous by the Dave Brubeck quartet?
  1. Satchmo
  2. 13
  3. Take Five


  1. The single "Jumpman" was named after?
  2. Navadius Willburn is known by what moniker?
  3. Who collaborated on the 1984 song "Unity?"
  1. Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23
  2. Future
  3. Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown

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Sources: Gamepur, XRAE2K/YouTube

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